EA Draught Lager

Our go to sessionable beer, with a nod to nostalgia our Everyday Australia Draught Lager delivers on real world refreshing taste, super crisp palate, perfectly balanced Australian malt, and hops finish. At 4.3% ABV the lager pours pale gold and with honey malt and slight citrus hop aroma resulting in a super dry finish and welcome desired bitterness. 

“Trust the Brew™" Available now in Cans and Kegs.

EA Pale Ale

We believe pale ales need to acknowledge most of our customers will drink more than one schooner! Majority of pale ales in the Australian marketplace over hype when adding hops for taste and complexity, our take on this overkill of flowers, citrus, stone fruits, berries etc is not to lead the taste of our beers with knock out fruit punch vibe therefore less is more for our Everyday Australia Pale Ale. A refreshingly modern take on Hoppy beers retaining hints of tropical fruit and enjoyable bitter balance. At 5.2% ABV we deliver a sessionable beer with a Zen moment of relaxation and taste sensation. 

“Trust the Brew™" Available now in Cans and Kegs.

EA Mid Strength Lager

Coming Soon! Current market saturation of mid strength beer in Australia has pushed our brewer and team to ensure we deliver a Mid Strength 3.5% ABV that retains signature Everyday Australia Draught Lager taste values, complexity of Malt and Hop balance together with a refreshing dry finish. 

“Trust the Brew™" Available April 1st in Cans and Kegs.