Over the last 30 years the evolution of Australia’s Craft Beer industry has been extraordinary from a handful of brewing pioneers in the 90’s, Australia is now home to more than 700 independents.

Many of the craft beers brewed in Australia were created with a nod of respect to the independent brewers dotted along the West Coast USA. Australian brewers continue the acknowledgement with ubiquitous branding call outs of their respective ales such as West Coast IPA, Seattle Hazy, California IPA.

Everyday Australia lagers and pale ales are brewed with the same West Coast Brewing acknowledgements in mind. A nod to all things West Coast beers was born during our time living in California, frequenting Father’s Office Bar, Santa Monica, the tap house home of iconic West Coast craft beers. After a couple of decades drinking cane sugar fuelled high carb commercial beers in Australia, we were quick to become disciples of the west coast brews created using natural ingredients and natural fermentation process. 

Everyday Australia beers are created with all natural ingredients, sourced in Australia, our water is direct from the Mount Macedon Ranges resulting in a superior taste guarantee. No cane sugar is used in the brewing process, providing a low carb healthier outcome. 

Today our Beer Stuff Pty Ltd entity is home to the Everyday Australia Beer business. Our partners Brendan and Alex Fevola joined us at Everyday Australia Beer, working together we are proud to be delivering our beers into Australian Pubs, Bottle shops & Hospitality venues.


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